Disco 2 Sunroof opening misshapen??

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Washington USA
1999 disco. Just spent way too long repairing the front sunroof due to its leaky nature. Replaced and resealed the plastic drains, cleared drain hoses, removed all components cleaned and regreased everything and re installed. Got a new rubber seal but it’s seems to be too fat and won’t allow the sunroof to close fully causing a gap at the back of the glass. Okay fine I’ll just use the original rubber seal it’s actually in perfect shape no rips or deterioration. Now the sunroof will get to fully closed position however there is small daylight gap between rubber and glass in the front now :( with the sunroof fully closed the glass can’t come down any further it seems that the rubber seal must push up to meet the glass. I can achieve this by pushing up on the frame around the glass but it won’t stay like that. Wondering if others have similar issue seems to me that the roof opening is possibly bent down at the front not allowing the glass and seal to be flush. Any thoughts are appreciated.

My next idea is to pull the glass again and jack a 2x4 in there slightly to push up the roof enough the spring back will sit flush.
I had the same problem. My seals came from Craddock and I was of the opinion that they were too stiff rather than too fat. I solved it by completely slackening off the bolts that hold the glass to the track runners. I then closed the window so that the pins at the back latched into the runner with the glass floating. Finally I screwed the glass down onto the seal by tightening the bolts. It hasn't leaked since but I haven't opened it either. I'm hoping that it will "bed" in with time and be able to completely seal using the motor.
Seems like an idea for a good weekend? Just take a level, to see if the steel is true??

Other option is to use hammer (rubber) to knock it back!!

update on this. I used the jack that came with my crv and a 2x4 piece of wood to push up on the front frame of the sunroof. After some work and some hammering seems I’ve closed the gap between the glass and the rubber creating a much better seal than before. Poured some water all over the sunroof and no leaks so far! Hoping this is the last work I have to do on this sunroof for a while.