SOLVED - FL1 Driver's door lock barrel/cylinder replacement.

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So, after fixing her tailgate latch issue last week, I'm now onto fixing my niece's drivers door.

She never could unlock using the fob, and now she could not even insert the key, let alone turn it to unlock the door.

I got the lock mechanism out (ready to replace with a 2nd hand unit), then released the outer handle and barrel.

With the barrel out, I tried the key again and found it's path still blocked, so left the key in removed a small circlip on the end, and this allowed the inners to slide out.

A couple of small broken pieces of metal fell out, along with a tiny spring.
Please see the pic, you may need to zoom.......


Once these tiny bits were cleared the key would insert all the way in and turn.
I've put the clip back on and it seems to now operate as normal.

So, my questions:
What was that bit for, and is it totally necessary? I mean, will it fail in the future if I leave it out?

And is it possible to order a new barrel from LR, or is 2nd hand the only option for a replacement?
I'm confident enough to re-wafer (if that's the right term) so her original key would work.
That is one of the 'pawls'. There is one for each dip and rise in the key. When correct key goes in they all line up level and the key will turn.

If it works with it out then all you have done is reduced the security a bit as another similar key might work the lock. Wouldn't worry about it as it is a small risk.

You could get a second hand lock, use it as parts to replace the missing piece and then file it as you say.
I've now put it all back together and all seems well.

Door locks and unlocks with key and fob as it should, with no obvious issue.

Let's call it solved.