Shaking badly and getting worse.

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Seth Armstrong

New Member
Hi ,my engine sounds as sweet as a nut no leaks ticks over great no over heating ,however over the last month my 2002 Freelander has developed a very bad shake and when driven sounds like a tank .What started after several miles is now almost straight away and sounds as if it won't make it home .I am not at all mechanically minded .Help please !
Hello Seth,

Welcome to the loonyzone,

I would make a couple of suggestions to help you with your problem. As you have posted in the Yorkshire are a thread.

1st, pop into the introduce yourself section and tell us about you and your Freelander.

2nd , Post your question will all info ( mileage , engine , fuel , how long you have owned it, service history etc ) into the Freelander section as then it will be seen by the owners of said vehicles.

When you have done the above, pop back here and just say you have reposted to stop people getting confused.

Good luck.