Series 3 Dashboard

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Hi guys
I work for a company called electric vintage, currently converting some Land Rover series 3 and defenders into EVs (slightly contervertial). We've recently fitted power steering to our series 3 but had to cut the interior airbox down to fit the pump underneath the dashboard. We need to either get one fabricated or buy one that's already made so the airbox can still function. Has anyone done anything similar or had problems like this? Did you get one made or up or know anyone that can help me with this? Cheers
The concern being that the relay can sheer, but the manual nature of the steering makes this impossible. Thus putting electric PAS between the steering wheel and the relay carries risk.

Which is why so many go with hydraulic PAS that replaces the relay. P38a steering is a good option.

Or, leave manual! With standard tyres there's no need for PAS. One more thing to go wrong.
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Not sure what you mean by the air box.
If you mean the space used to direct warmed air from the heat exchange matrix to the windscreen and cab…. I made a tubular system from PVC waste pipe. The only bespoke component was a flanged fitting from the square opening into two 1 1/4 pipes. Just standard Ts and tube from there.
Didn’t like the idea of flexible hose as the ribs can slow air flow in even short runs with induced turbulence.