Security etching glass

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The chap we bought our Discovery Series 2 from etched almost everything on the car. Sadly he used the first few letters of the VIN, so it's indistinguishable from nearly any other bloody vehicle built in Solihull.
All is not lost. There's still probably not another disco with them letters etched on it so parts can still be identified as yours, but write yourself a list of all the parts marked and note where the marks are on the part. On my Series, I etched the headlamps, and instrument glasses as well as the windows.
Here an update for window etching, ISR have stopped selling kits direct, same for Halfrauds. Halfrauds now only selling the ISR kit as a service and they charge £20 for the [dis]pleasure on only 6x windows.

Today have ordered the 10x kit for £14 from this vendor As per previous posts I wouldn't recommend using your chassis number, use your registration number instead.
The ISR kit is still available from rimmers. Link in the first post on this fred. It contains window etching and paintwork and plastic marking.