L322 Recommended Engine oil for RR

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Hello. Introduced myself yesterday as a new Range Rover owner (2008 TD8 3.6). Will be doing a service next week. I asked in my intro post had anybody heard of Rock oil and had one thumbs up. Does anyone out there swear by a particular oil ( 5W-30) - I used Mobil1 5W-30 on my previous 4x4 (Jeep Commander) and it was fine. Any thoughts gratefully received.
Check the specification, not just the grade. WSS-M2C913-B is correct and generally 5W30-C1 is used, although A5/B5 also meets the spec. STJLR.03.5003 is also the relevant current specification, this is the stuff I used in my L322 3.6
There's often discount codes on their home page...
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