rear wheel bearing question

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i have both a freelander and a freelander 2.
the freelander 2 TD4 2007 has just had a new rear wheel bearing fitted.
when doing so, I noticed the other side was not showing any play , but is slightly noisy.
Now I have in stock a rear wheel bearing for a freelander 1, which according to the specs is exactly the same size.
But is there a difference between the bearings?
It has beens suggested that the freelander 2 may have a magnetic face on the bearing for the anti lock brakes that the freelander 1 does not.
so can I use the freelander 1 rear wheel bearing on the later feeelander 2?
can anyone advise please
The FL1 wheel bearings are the same dimensions between front and rear, but there are 2 types of bearings depending on year. Cars after 2003 have the ABS tone rings in the bearings, early cars had the tone rings on the CV joint.

I don't believe the FL1 wheel bearings fit the FL2, as the vehicles are a completely different lineage. The FL1 is Rover based, the FL2 is Ford based. It could be coincidental they're the same I guess, but without comparing to bearings side by side, it's difficult to tell.