Range Rover Sport

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I currently own a RR Sport 3.0 17 plate. My on board computer indicated (critical oil levels so I topped it up with oil. The next day the engine lost power and warning light returned. I took it to the local garage for a oil & filter change, the garage proceeded to change the oil & filter and started the engine. After 10 minutes of running the engine the mechanic could not turn the ignition off. The engine refused to turn off via power button and eventually the engine burned out... Has anybody ever heard of this issue before?

Now I have a dead engine and I was wondering if anyone has experienced this problem and how did you fix the issue?

I am leaning towards a reconditioned engine, which isn't cheap?

Please help
Sounds like Diesel runaway , the low oil warning was a clue , possably caused by blown turbo seals.............engine runs on its own oil at high revs until it dies
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