Pump to the steering box pipe

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I need some help with a power steering pipe for my January 1988 registered Land Rover 110 (built in December 1987). I have provided the Vin and serial numbers at the bottom.

In short, one on my power steering pipes is broken and I need a replacement but I cannot locate the correct pipe / product. It’s the pipe the pump to the steering box.

I purchased the same pipe online and I removed the old pipe. But when I tried to fit the new pipe, the thread was very slightly bigger, maybe by 1.5mm, as you as see from the photos. I purchased what I thought that I needed, reference number: NTC5000, but this does not fit as the thread is too big. I have checked with Land Rover and they cannot provide the OEM pipe, no longer manufactured, so I am lost as to what to do next.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Car details, vin and serial numbers:


- SAL: Manufacturer code: Land Rover
- LD: Model: Defender (for early models: Ninety, or One Ten)
- H: Wheel base: 110 inch
- A: Body type: 2-door: Pickup, hood cab, truck cab, or soft/hard top
- B: Engine type: 2.5 litre diesel turbo (model 19J)
- 8; Steering and transmission: Left-hand drive (LHD), 5-speed manual (LT85, LT77, LT77S, R380 or other)
- B: Model year: 1985 to 1987
- A: Assembly location: Solihull, UK
- 304978 : Serial number


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Most old school garages would braze the ends onto another piece of pipe or make up a bit of hydraulic hose with the correct ends