Power Steering Pipes

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Ji 2611

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I have just bought a Freelander around a couple of months ago, SD 2012 reg, when bought new pipes had been fitted, however after a couple of weeks o ring at the steering rack blew out losing the oil, removed the pipe to find o ring split, thought it may have been damaged when pipes were fitted so fitted new o ring, hoping to cure the problem but a month later same thing has happened again,wondered if anybody had had this problem or had any advice? Thanks
Don’t know as they were fitted before I got it, they fitted a new cam belt and changed the pipes.
Take a picture of the PS solid pipes and post it here. Aftermarket parts look different to OE parts.
Added a couple of pictures, one of the end of the pipe and the other is the rack where the pipe goes….which doesn’t look right to me either….looks a bit off centre and wondered if the pipe had damaged this, the o ring was split this time as well.


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