Paddocks , A Cautionary Tale ..

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Just be aware if you're searching on Paddocks website you can get suckered into buying the wrong part quite easily . I was looking for rear brake calipers for a 110 . Unaware that calipers for a 90 are different , I clicked on Brake Parts , then Calipers and Pistons . The first thing up was a caliper described as being for a Defender , Discovery 1 , and I think Range Rover . So I clicked on the buy button for that one and it's mate and was none the wiser til I found my brand new calipers wouldn't fit . For some reason Paddocks in their infinite wisdom found it impossible to add the digits "90" until you expand the listing at which point they were magically able to do so . If they had designed their website properly it should not allow you to click on the buy button until you had expanded the listing and seen the details . I got on to them about it but you can guess how that went .
Agree it can be confusing at times, some parts are blatently wrong. I spend a bit of time double checking elsewhere.
Find them rather cagey when trying to get brand info out of them also.
After trying to buy items marked as 'genuine' at a discounted price and showing in stock, only to be told days later that they don't have stock and the 'new stock' will cost more (and then taking 7-10 days to refund me), after the third time, I no longer consider them to be a good use of time checking prices.
There website is not up with the times , lack of description and poor delivery times