Not again .... headlights 62 plat puma 110

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Headlights - dip and full no longer work (but the blue dash indicator does!)

The side lights, indicators, self-levelling motors in the headlights all work as expected - rock the lights and the wee motors come into play automatically.

Anyway I checked the earths - as best I could - the 4 fuses and assumed it was one of the two stock mounted switches.

Dismanted things and hey ho the switches appear in good nick. nothing melted, nothing pitted, they avo OK (but yes low current). When in circuit I can see volts appearing on (what I believe are the right pins) when I operate the switches. So I THINK the volts are leaving the steering column switches.

Anyway I cant find a decent wiring diagram, so I am now kind of winging it.
I have about 6 relays in the fuse box under the steering wheel and a pile of about 10 under the drivers seat.

If I pull the relay on the offside of the fuse box then the blue full-beam dash light fails to operate when I flash the lights. That means - I guess - that I have found the 'put the headlights off when the ignition is cranking' relay. I swapped it for one of the many with the same part number, and everything stays as was.

Lots of people tell me there is/are no other headlight relays on a 2012 puma, some people say there is, some people say there might be.

Swapping relays around (for same type/model) under the drivers seat managed to get me with 'unable to crank' - corrects when I put a different relay into circuit - so something on the beast is not needing that relay!! Jaguar/Lucas 1221111Bn12v 40amp BUTZ is what it says - no LR part number on it. I have one on order for collection next week.

So - any clues from anyone about how to find out if I have an unidentified relay? Or perhaps a wire break?

Why would a single relay affect both dip and full - no circuit diagram so struggling. Dont say Hayes!

Can anyone suggest where to go next - a garage ;-)

checked the fuses
stripped the column "always the switch" - and put in a new switch
checked the earths
went on a 'swap the relay' game

I finally pulled the headlamps off looking for a broken wire/connection etc.
Guess what?? The connector onto the back of the headlamp had a melted earth lead!
2 days later I can go and order some ceramic connectors and get back on the road.

Hope it helps someone else - much easier to check that connector than remove the column switch.