Minimum Post Changed

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I'm now at 49 and as i've had change to 'cool off' i've decided... F3CK THIS ... i don't wanna play anyway
I wouldn't take that 49 as granted. A mod might reduce your post count. If you feel this is unfair you can complain to a mod. See what we did there?
Hey Hello ! I have a verry nice range rover classic 1976 amulance for sale ! But i cant post it ?? Why not ?
and how do I know? I am not a writer .. I thought .. I put my old range rover for sale here in england. Because it is an RHD.
Don't take this the wrong way, but it looks like you've just been posting lots of hellos in order to bump up your post count in order to sell your car. :rolleyes:
That's right. I have just said 8x hello because I saw that I have been on 42 posts lately, instead of 50. I am here at the forum because I am a Land Rover enthusiast, not advertising. I just thought, well .. I also put my range rover classic here for sale because it is an RHD. But that was not possible. unfortunately. It is a fantastic car!
I don't understand what is wrong with posting a unique range rover classic 1976er?

We are here because we have a love for the land rovers?
I don't know what tweenies are, but ok. Too bad you can't post a nice range rover here. Then he stays in the Netherlands.