Military Series III 109", Dash indicators/switches

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Hello, I've just bought an ex-mod series III and am trying to work out what all of the switch positions and indicator lights are supposed to do. Not helped by the fact that there's definitely some dodgy electrics going on!


A - what is this indicator for? whatever I do it doesn't seem to light up
B - the "CONV" position doesn't appear to do anything
C - the "SCONV" position seems to do sidelights only, is that correct?
D - what is this amber light for? In the series iii workshop manual it suggests that this is an indicator left light? but the green one on the other side flashes regardless of which way I'm indicating.
E - what is the red light for? it's not labelled in the series iii workshop manual.

Also there is a main beam indicator in the speedo, but I can't seem to find any way of turning main beams on?
I went through the exact same thing with my 1994 exMOD 110.
CONV is the convoy light, a small bulb under the rear that shines on the rear diff. SCONV is convoy light plus sidelights.
The main beams will only flash unless you turn that centre dial to the leftmost position. The you can use the stalk to turn on/off the main beams. Think of it as maintaining a blackout so you don't accidentally leave your main beams on in enemy territory.

Not sure about the others I'm afraid!
Ref “A”
These square warning lights normally have the function illuminated.
If you look closely you can normally see the wording.
Common warning lights are:
Choke - on petrol engines only
Park Brake - obviously handbrake warning light
Brake - this is only if it has a dual circuit braking system, it warns if one circuit is dodgy.

Ref “D”
Normal position for left hand indicator warning light

Ref “E”
Normally blank - could be for a trailer indicator warning light
So A definitely says "brake"

I've been digging a bit further and found.. a wiring nightmare. I was trying to take the lower dash off to get access to the Speedo cable. But a bunch of these wires come through a cut hole in the tray that sits in the dash.

That looks pretty original apart from the cigarette lighter socket and the hazard warning lights.
There are a few bits that aren’t ideal with poor covers on wires, but apart from tidying them up I would leave that bunch if everything is working.

To get at the speedo cable you need to remove the two slot head screws either end of the gauge panel in your first picture. You can then push the cable through the bulkhead a bit and pull the panel towards you enough to get your hand in to release the speedo cable from the speedo head.

If the steering wheel can be removed that makes things easier.
Oops, should have checked the Speedo cable route first. Nevermind dash is out now. At least I get a good look at my surprisingly intact bulkhead!

This dropped out from behind: it's unfired so 'live' not sure how to dispose of such a thing.

The red indicator 'E' had no bulb in. There's an alarming number of cables disconnected floating around behind the dash, and there's a few where the isolation is worn through. While I'm tempted to just put it back out of sight out of mind, I can't unsee the potential electrical fires so I've started belling it out