LOF spring and pedal sticking to the floor

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Hi Guys,
I fitted a LOF slave and the LOF green spring.
The feeling of the pedal is great, but it sticks to the floor!
I tried to adjust the pedal stop in the engine bay, but with the bolt fully in it just manages to not lock down and it's super awkward to drive...
Any suggestions? should I try a longer bolt? But the pedal will stick about 5cm from floor when depressed...seems too much.
If no alternative should I switch to standard spring or will I have the same behaviour? Before I didn't have a spring at all.
In case anybody has one around? happy to exchange for the LOF one. Just pains me to remove it after all teh effort to put it in!
I do not run lof springs and just use a standard one on mine but when I had these symptoms it was because the spring had snapped (not going to be the issue here) but then had the same issue on refitting the new one because the spring had not seated properly into the little plastic insert on the back of the pedal. If everything is fully fitted I would contact LOF and see what they have to say. it could be a defective spring, but certainly shouldn't require a longer stop.