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There's a lot of insurance renewal scare stories with Land Rover products at the moment.
One of my customers just had to sell her new Defender as the renewal quote had gone from £1200 to £3000.

Range Rovers are currently almost uninsurable in some parts of London.

Has anyone renewed their insurance recently and how is it on the older Defenders. As in, TD5 and Puma. Are they being hit with higher renewals?

l remember paying £400 to insure my TD5 110 a few years ago with NFU and they doubled it to £800.

l changed to AF and it was around £450.

But in 2021/2 Direct Line were happy to cover it for just over £300.
Just insured a 110 300tdi
Zero no claims discount to use so it cost me £130 a year.
Mine is less than £180 for a freelander
but I have been informed that more than is not doing car insurance from September so it’s probably going to be a lot more in May 🤷‍♂️
Yes the "Classic" policies are a lot cheaper but it can't be your primary vehicle and you can't have business use on it.
Also you are generally restricted on mileage.

lf the renewal on my new Defender is anywhere near the £3,000 my customer has been quoted l'm afraid it's being sold and back to an old one.
Mine's getting more expensive. At risk of sounding like a good-goody, I have had no accidents, never had any points on my licence or driving awareness courses, and the best I could do this year was around the £490 mark. That's after a period when it was nearer £300. That's for a 2006 TD5 and 12,000 miles a year.
Cancelled though as I’m keeping my Discovery
Remembering how bad old defenders are to use after test driving that one 😆
Maybe your getting old and soft 😂
Anyway, I will have a wee Rake Aboot and try to get my insurance lower 😉😁