Lazy Puma EGR Solution?

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I've got an ongoing problem with my 2008 puma. Yes I know it's a transit engine. It keeps dropping its power, apparently loosing the turbo, until switched off and on again.
Anyhow I took it to a diagnostic fella who computer told me it was shutting off the turbo due to over pressure. There was no problem with the turbo but the airflow sensor and the egr were both showing faults.
I duly changed the airflow sensor. Still does it. And I've bought a new egr valve.
When I came to look at the inaccessible egr and what a pain it would be to change I had a brilliant idea. As the egr is electronically blanked off, why don't I leave it where it is and just plug in the new egr valve and tie wrap it into the engine bay. It'll never go wrong. It'll just feedback an ok signal to the ecu and everyone's happy. Or are they.
Has anybody got any reasons why this is a really really bad idea? Apart from it being shoddy and lazy of course.
Cheers. John
Dont know much about it but surely the EGR is simply reporting an acceptable resistance to the ECU?

So just measure the resistance, pop down to Maplins and get a resistor of the right value and connect it to the wires?????? no need for the EGR at all...............
I've stumbled across another way to do EGR blanking for free...

I've been tinkering around a similar power loss problem that's been troubling my defender. It would lose power a few minutes after cruising at motorway speeds. There was a black smoke emission that I seem to have cured by fixing the turbo's warped flange. But, even with this fixed, it would still lose power. I did a test drive with a data-logger on the OBD and found that the P0299 DTC (turbo underboost condition) was generated at the same time as a large step-change in demand to the EGR. I thought it could have something to do with sluggish response on the MAP or MAF, so I cleaned the MAP and disconnected the MAF. Hey presto, problem solved, smooth running.

Having done another data-logged test drive I noticed something interesting: with the MAF disconnected, there is a continuous zero demand to the EGR. The engine seems quite happy without the MAF sensor (it's maybe a little down on power and the check engine light is on).

Does anyone know if running like will cause problems? As I say, EGR blanking for free if you disconnect the MAF sensor!