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Just A Minion

Stansted Essex
Sorry if this has been asked already or if I'm posting in the wrong place.

Have an early TD5 110 that I think has a problem with the key fob being recognised by the car, I believe the buttons will turn the alarm on and off but the immobiliser light doesn't go out when the ignition is switched on.

I have a Nanocom with disco 2 TD5 software installed, with this am I able to re-program the key fobs,(or do I need to but the Defender TD5 software? if so is it the ECU one?

If the Nanocom will do it is it easy to do or can anyone guide me through it?

Many thanks for your time.
You might need to get the "Defender System" unlock, which has support for the 10AS, but just try it and see what happens, as it will tell you if it is locked
Bit of an update.

I've now got the correct software for the nano com.

I think I've paired the key fobs but still won't turn over. I've tried to disable anything that looks like the immobiliser and still nothing.

Are there two parts to this ie alarm and immobiliser? My gut feeling is one of them is not coming off. Starter turns when jumped from the trigger wire.

Does anyone have a list of what needs to be enabled and what can be disabled?
I don't have central locking or any thing else non standard currently installed.

After I paired the fob it would turn the alarm on an off and turn the red led off but after I left the vehicle for a while I believe the passive one came on and the made the led flash.
This did not stop when I tried to start the vehicle again.

Now with everything is disabled it doesn't come on at all.