Introduction - Wolf Spider

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Wolf Spider

North Yorkshire
I've finally signed up after visiting Landy Zone occasionally as a guest for a while - I got some great help on fixing my immobiliser spider (no pun intended) during that period.
I first leaned to drive in a LWB farm Land Rover (Series 2A, I think) in my early teens, having graduated from tractors. I imported a Disco 2 from Belgium in 2000 (lower vehicle tax) and ran that for 4 years.
I now have a 1996 Defender 90 CSW 300Tdi which I've had since 2019. I have a few technical queries that I'm sure you chaps will be able to help me with. I would have posted a couple of photo's, but I haven't figured out this interface yet.
@kermit_rr re. 'upload button' I figured I was just of too lowly status to have permission to use it! ;-)
I just tried to copy/paste two images into this window that I'm typing into now, but nothing has appeared (unles it does suddenly when I 'post' it.