Introduction to an idiot

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Please allow to introduce myself,

I am a man of ill health and waste.

I joined Landyzone in 2013 when I bought my first landrover which was (and still is) a 1993 Range Rover Vogue 200tdi. I've used this site extensively in the first few years of ownership of said vehicle as I had many, many questions as to why my 'Raggy' kept falling apart. I hold this site dear because for most of my Range Rover problems I have found answers to my questions. In all fairness, despite the Range Rover's reputation, looking back, I put a lot of my old Range Rover problems down to poor maintenance rather than general 'break-down-ness' (although there has been some of that). In short; I have managed to repair the chassis, replace the sills, replace foot wells, rear floor, rear arches, bodge the front inner wings, fabricate body parts (big hammer), replaced components such as steering box, servo, running gear and much more from using this site. I have also managed to bolt on a big cattle bar thing (and then remove it) and have whopped on a lovely Brownchurch roof rack which the kids love. Sometimes I drive the Raggy to the local pub so the kids can play on it. I open the tailgate and they climb through the sunroof and risk life and limb playing on the top of the car. It's an easy way for the youngsters to make friends. As sure as eggs is eggs, all the kids in the pub are using the vehicle as an awesome climbing frame. It's a very, very scruffy ol' raggy Range Rover (I have to open the drivers door with a combination of pulling the handle and whacking it with my arse) but it still goes on the turn of a key and is my daily drive. Until now...

I have recently 'upgraded' to a 2004 L322 4.4 LPG.

My initial elation lasted about 5 minutes until the front of the car collapsed. To cut a long story short, this has been fixed (2 new front struts). Since the initial disappointment of that, the radio not working along with the passenger wing mirror, erratic sunroof, 'jack in a box' drivers seat trim, etc... have all seemed minor irritations. I was generally impressed and somewhat over-awed by the technological and engineering magnifical behemoth that is the L322. In my eyes it was the bastard child of my old XJ6 and my 'Classic' Range Rover. That was until it stopped starting, and a plethora of other 'FFS' problems popped up to say hello and I started to question the wisdom of my purchase/new adventure.

Anyway, my current Range Rover woes are not why I am posting here. It is to say hello. Hello. As I have said this forum has helped me out no end. Even though I don't really post or offer solutions, I cannot thank the regular users enough for their knowledge and help.

Thank you.

About myself, well, I am a bouncy castle designer that works from home. I have an understanding wife, 3 kids, a cat and 2 Range Rovers. I currently live in the Mendips. For the last 15 years I have only driven cars with round headlights. These being: 1960 Morris Minor 2 door saloon, 1963 Triumph Herald 12/50, 1996 Jaguar XJ6 and a 1993 Range Rover Vogue 200 TDI. Only the Range Rover survives from this saucy little collection and even though all have their merits the Range Rover is no doubt my favourite. It has saved my wife from floods, taught my first-born to drive down muddy tracks and is a source of entertainment for all the family. It also robbed me of a year of my life being freezing cold in the wind and rain while lying on the driveway attempting to weld and bolt the thing back together.

I'm not really a petrol head but for some reason cars have always been part of my life. I can follow instructions, unbolt things, fail at unbolting things, cut off bolts, replace bolts and tighten bolts. I hate brakes and electrics.


By hereby formally introducing myself I claim the right to ask inane repetitive questions. This claim is validated by the fact that I am a new L322 owner. I will also attempt to interact more if I find any solutions to my problems... even if it does involve fixing a carburettor with blu-tack.

I am beginning to fear that I am out of my depth with the L322 (both financially and in technical ability). Every problem I find spawns several other complications and paths of learning. It has made me appreciate my old raggy more and more. I have had the L322 for just over a month and in that time period it has been in the garage more times than on the road. I do have a driveway to work on and I can hold a spanner but it's a 'fair-weather' driveway. In the winter it is cold, muddy and windy.

Anyway, that's me. I can only apologies that throughout the help that this site and its members have given me over the years, it has taken the purchase of a L322 to make me stick my head above water.

Thank you and Hello!
Great into.

And by the looks you have the best Job ever!! ;)

The old 200's are great RRC's simple and economical with a charm, L322's are a fickle beast, :eek::D

Any chance of a pic of your old RRC :cool:

Welcome aboard...
Welcome aboard :) - Good intro, as already said - maybe a little late !;)

Pics of the RRC would be good - RRC / D1 are the best of the bunch IMHO.... L322 are scary due all the wires :D :eek:
Is that your usual response when you meet someone new? :eek::D




Yes tenor.gif
Right, I knew I was an idiot but I didn't realise I was this much of an idiot.

Is there a gallery page to upload multiple images?
Now those are my kind of instructions. Thought that was just a thumbnail...until now... Thanks.

So, here's my 200TDi in its various forms...

Not long after I bought it...

Sticking bits on it...
2013-04-07 038.jpg

Taking bits off it...
2014-01-19 142.jpg

Logs are your friend...
2014-02-22 193.jpg


Back on the road with the old caravan...

... and other adventures.

The filthy new who-er!
2020-02-11 7-23_153315.jpg

Although, when the new floozy is in the garage...

Ready to go on a mission for toilet roll
Now those are my kind of instructions. Thought that was just a thumbnail...until now... Thanks.

So, here's my 200TDi in its various forms...

Not long after I bought it...
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Sticking bits on it...
View attachment 202592

Taking bits off it...
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Logs are your friend...
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View attachment 202599

Back on the road with the old caravan...
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... and other adventures.
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The filthy new who-er!
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Although, when the new floozy is in the garage...
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Ready to go on a mission for toilet roll
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Nice Pic's - looks like you and family are really enjoyed the Classic.
Yup, it certainly is a family vehicle. I was going to sell it but when not only my own kids but other kids started to cry when they thought I was getting rid of it, it had to stay... ;)