Installing drive train in series 3

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I’m ready to install engine and gearbox onto a new Richards Chassis. I have an engine crane. Any ideas as to which to put in first would be much appreciated. I can access the chassis either from the side or the front with the crane.
No body/bulkhead fitted?...if so gearbox then engine...have you done all the rest brake pipes etc?...
If it's a bare chassis, couple the box and engine up before lifting onto the chassis.
Will that be OK with 1/2 ton when the crane is at full stretch?

As above, it depends on the crane/hoist. What does it say by the arm bolt holes? It's normally painted on arm at each hole. If not, check the manufacturer model plate for peak loads at each extension point. If in doubt do not use this hoist, use a known good condition fit for purpose unit or hire one for the day.

As note, if the front wheels are on the Series these will clash with the legs of most long reach hoists so will need to remove wheels and securely place on stands.
I have a Clarke strong arm 1T crane and at full stretch can only do 250kg, your engine will weigh that alone, the gearbox assembly a lot less perhaps 75kg , I recall lifting it alone 10 or more years ago although not sure if the overdrive was on at time, so you will need a 2T crane to lift both together. Unless you can do it not on full stretch and then 500kg ok
I have had gearbox in and out fairly easily before I bought my crane and alignment was easier as less weight to rock about.
With crane and swapping engines I tried for a day or too to get the 2 mated , then I bought the engine leveller and got them together in 30mins , i tip I read was to extend some long studding on gearbox to help align the two.