Importing Defender to New Zealand from South Africa

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Auckland, New Zealand

I have owned a 2003 TD5 Defender in South Africa for a number of years and am very much attached to it.

I was hoping to ship it home to New Zealand as a 'returning immigrant vehicle' which is exempt from a number of LTNZ requirements, but I am still struggling with some of the compliance red tape.

The main thing I think I need is a 'Statement of Compliance' for the vehicle. I have obtained a letter from Landrover South Africa (who assembled the vehicle to South African standards) but apparently, it's not acceptable.

If anybody knows anyone who has jumped through these hoops before, or can send me a copy of an example Statement of Compliance, I would be immensely grateful.

Recommendations on shippers/certifiers would also be a fantastic help.

All the best,
Hi Sam, welcome to LZ.

LZ is an awesome resource for the green oval, but for info about getting one into NZ I think you will get a lot more experience here...

I know for a fact one of the members on there has imported a 110 as he used it to pull my Freelander off some exceedingly wet grass. :D

In fact I know there are a number of people on the group who have imported them.

Good luck.