imobilising and security options for 300tdi (hidden)

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Hi all.
I'm getting prepared for rebuilding my 90 after paint, and i have a G reg with a 300tdi disco engine conversion.
My thoughts are leaning towards security options and i'm wondering what suggestions you might all have to help me try to protect my 90.
Now.. im not expecting you to tell me openly online as this might not be wise, but please share what you can.
I am primarily looking for a disabling system (imobiliser) and will be looking to fit a tracker.
If anyone can give me some pointers as to achieving this in a hidden manor, i'd appreciate a private message or annonymous reply.
Thanks in advance


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You need as much as possible. so you have lots of layers

A tracker is great, but there are not many places to hid it in a defender so although worth while is not a guarantee

Isolator switches are good, you can tap into the starter solenoid feed or the fuel solenoid feed form the ignition switch and add a hidden switch. Also main battery isolators are good, either big solenoids triggered by a switch somewhere or even just simple turn key type isolators as it is one more thing that is required to start the vehicle. Ultimately though these are so basic that it doe snot take much to get them started if you have access under the bonnet regardless of what you have in place.

Along with the above you need physical security as well. Get a disc lock for the steering wheel. get some sort of pedal lock either a basic clutch claw or the pedal box locks that fold up form the floor. and again use both as it is more to over come before the vehicle can be taken.

ultimately your goal is not toe make it un-stealable as that will never be the case, if it is wanted it will be winched onto a loader and be gone. Your goal, as terrible as it sounds, is to make it less appealing than your neighbors, that way they will leave yours alone as it is too difficult and someone else's is easier.
Silent apple air tag.....motion alert as soon as it moves.
Sent PM for best location on a defender...
ECU Kill switch
Safe T Pedal