Freelander 2 (LR2) Humming noise

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Dover kent
I have a humming noise on my 2010 fl2. starting at 50mph. First I was thinking diff or wheel bearing.

When I am cruising between 50-70mph and push the clutch down the noise stays and dosent go away. Does this mean it's not the diff and probably the wheel bearing?
It could be the diff or wheel bearing. It's difficult to locate the source of the noise if it's a wheel bearing, but the diff noise is normally heard from the back of the vehicle, in the centre.
I have the same problem on mine but when I go slightly 😉 over 70mph it’s unbearable also it’s just started to whine when I turn not sure if that’s the power steering pump tho. Not even had the car 1 year and it’s had new gear box new clutch (last week)
Same problem here too. Humming noise on turning left even slightly. Noise sounds like a wheel bearing but i've just had both replaced on the front. and the noise is still present becoming more of a droning whine on acceleration. Vibration can be felt whilst driving. Any ideas?