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Rievaulx north yorkshire
hi all
live in rievaulx
have a 300tdi disco 1995 197k and its rough
also a 94 classic lse 4.2 v8 on lpg and its rough
also wife now has a l322 4.4 on lpg and its so bloody smooth i can ignore the rough bits
always hoping to keep these running without spending a fortune
did i mention i am the eternal optomist
Welcome Moorsman,

Although not born a Yorkshireman, I have spent the last 25 years in the county and am surprised by your apparent willingness to run three cars for two people. As they are all Land Rovers though, I would suggest you could have another vehicle in wait, say a Ford or VW just in case none of them will start...!!

My brother has a Disco 2 that he insists is the best car ever built when it comes to fixing it yourself. Just a socket set and bunch of screwdrivers. I on the other hand I need my creature comforts so went straight for a 4.2 SC. Time will tell who is better off but just like gambling "when the fun stops, stop".