Hi from Burbage, Leicestershire

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Just wanted to say Hi to everyone on here
Tony here from Burbage in Leicestershire.
Recently purchased a 55 plate TD4 Freelander 1 3dr. It's got just under 89k miles and in good overall condition (see attached pics).
A few jobs to do on it, but just recently developed a lack of power and can be a little difficult to start. Will post more soon, but one question I would like to ask is are there any recommendations for places to buy service parts like filters, sensors etc..
Looking forward to reading through many threads in here in the future
Bye for now


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Hi welcome to the asylum, many places to buy good quality parts from but sticking to known brands for oils/filters/Brake related parts & anything safety related is always a good idea, if there parts you need to buy you can always ask on here prior to purchase for other members thoughts. Just a quick check you can do, are all the tyres the same make & the least worn ones are on the rear ? Lots & lots of info on here, don't forget no question is too stupid please ask,all the best.