Hello and how are you!?

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I'm JIMBOB (Jimmy) and own two series Land Rovers. A 1970 IIA and a 1975 III. The III is what I use daily and love it.

The plan is never to own any other type of vehicle ever!! I like it simple because Less Is More. I grew up in Kenya on a large scale coffee planation owed by my parents so you can guess I like farmy stuff and being out doors.

I'm a keen biker (off road adventure) and do that as much as possible. My dream is to ride all over the UK in the summer months and get to see as much of it and also drive to beautiful places all over Europe with my series IIA.

If you ever came across a series IIA 109 with a weird registration but similar to the UK's that will be me.

Come say hello...

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Welcome :) .

Nice looking pair you have there:).

Lots of us like bikes too so dont be shy:).

As you said it....I have a 2008 Factory Rally Replica/Adventure machine. Done up obviously but like my series it hasn't got ABS, Tilt Control, Rocket Buster mode, or any of that BS stuff! Just a simple and reliable carburettored bike. Hauls ass and depending on my mood can pretty much do what I ask of it.

Lovely trucks! Good for you for using them daily, I think that's the key to a reliable series they need to be used frequently. 👍
Yes they do and don't be afraid. They are a big part of British history. If you ask me they ought to be in our museums same as we have our Kings and Queens. I wasn't born or breed in England but I'm proud that I have a deep and long history with Britain.