Gutter replacement cost


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Thames Valley
Any roofers, builders out there who can give me an idea on costs for the following work?
Remove existing guttering to front of property
Replace 5 meters Brown Square UPVC gutter
Replace Stop end , joiner and 5 x clips
Replace joiner to rear of property
Use of scaffold tower
What’s there at the moment?
why would you need a scaffold tower, how high?

That is a Saturday morning beer money job ;) .

The gutter has come adrift and since parts are cheap thought best plan is replace it while I'm paying someone.
Rear is dripping so new joint section replacement would be suitable.
It's a two bed semi detached house.
How much should it be or will it be.... It should be south of 500 quid IMHO but I can see you getting 1-1.5 grand quotes... especially as you are Thames Valley way. Thats assuming their tower and all kit.... I can honestly see a lot saying they wont use your tower if you had one.
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