Gearbox Retaining Plate Location

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You can see in the photo one retaining plate sitting nicely on top of the layshaft bearing. Once I have the new lock washer, I can nip this up.

The issue is the second retaining plate, which I have left in photo towards the edge. I cannot work out where this one is supposed to go. On my parts diagram for Series 2a gearbox, I cannot locate where it is supposed to go. I can’t find its location on the photos I took as I dissembled it.
And i don't think it sits on the other bearing the picture?

help would be appreciated.



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i have watched this before, and watched it again. I can see the first retaining plate, but i still can't any sign of the second retaining plate. So i am still confused where it goes.
I think i have worked it out - and as usual, it doesn't show me in the best light.
When i took the gearbox out a few months ago, I managed to damage the original bell housing, and so i had to get a 2nd hand replacement. I think the replacement had the bearing in place, which i would have removed. This would have given me a second / duplicate retaining plate - hence me having an extra, un-needed one.
Sorry to everyone who applied their brains to solving this - no one (other than me) was going to work that out.