Fuel tank location for genuine series 3 military

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Hi all, new here but do only military series 3 LWB have fuel tanks under seats…I am looking at one 1977 but it has normal fuel filler on outer side like normal ones. I am grateful for any views, thank you
Hopefully will be posting my new baby here soon!😁
Ex-military 109 1974:
Fuel tanks.JPG

Fuel tanks 2.JPG

Hi all, thank you for your replies, so does that mean if it’s got a normal fuel tank, despite looking like a military, it is civvy , did ex military ever have normal fuel tanks? Sorry to not understand but trying to determine if it’s genuine military. My last series 3 was genuine and had under seat tanks.
The above is correct. If military were short of Land Rovers and needed some in a hurry they would purchase a batch of standard civilian ones and use them for things like base transport/driver training ect.
So yes you can have ex military that are civvy spec.
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Thank you all for your advice and photos on this, I understand it more now and am very grateful. @tottot especially interesting fact. 👍