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LandyZone has now incorporated the Classifieds into the forum instead of being in external software.

Here are the rules for the new for sale section:

  • You must have a minimum of 50 constructive forum posts to post here.
  • You must use a thread prefix, this is so people can see at a glance what it is you are selling and so we can sort by vehicle type(the thread prefixes are the type of vehicle you are listing).
  • Please include your location in thread title, or at least somewhere in your post.
  • No ****taking in for sale or wanted threads, please keep on topic and only ask questions about the items for sale/wanted
  • Bumping allowed only once per 24 hours.
  • Commercial listings not allowed, unless you are a forum or commercial sponsor.
  • Ebay links are allowed, but please include a description and photos in your post as well as the link.
  • Please make a post when sold so we can close the thread.

If you attach an image to your forum post it will show up in the main forum next to your thread, we recommend you do this so people can see at a glance what you are advertising. You have to use the forums attachment system for this to work, if you just link to an image then it will not show up in the forum listing.

It is worth using the map bbcode and putting the town you are in, this will produce a google map of your area and it is easy for people to know at a glance where you are located. I recommend you do not put your postcode.
Just type your location in and then highlight it and click the map icon in the editor, or put your location between [ map ] [ / map ] tags (withought the spaces).



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