Flood preparation Discovery 1

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Hi All,

Looking for some advice on preperation of a Discovery 1 300tdi auto EDC preparation for a minor flood. I'm not sure if some of the Landrovers that appear on the Kenilworth ford videos on youtube are on the forum?

I'm part of a voluntary group called Raynet and would be using the land rover for transport should the need arise.

In preparation i have fitted breathers and all the oils changed before fitting them, snorkle has also be fitted and tigersealed up.

Someone will mention rust and ive found one hole near a gromit that I'll be welding up but its an import from japan and not bad. It's the passenger gromit one under the washer bottle where water runs downs the skuttle.

I was thinking lifting 2-4 inches and fitting some 35" tyres to give me some extra clearance.

My concern was more around the engine electrics and what should i upgrade or should seal or upgrade to marine connectors and a marine fusebox?

Underbody protection would this be worth fitting?

How do you seal the doors from water ingress? I've seen some have no issue whereas others become a pond inside.

Just ripped out the previous muppet's spot light wiring, they had used electrical tape and no solder just twisted wires. The groud was just wire wrapped around a screw. The headlights are next as the wiring is shocking there.




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For what you're likely to have to drive thru in this country (presume getting nurses etc to work?) I think you're pretty much sorted. Fresh door seals wouldn't hurt i suppose but can you even get them..? If its that deep it'll come thru the heater vents anyway..?

Is there a wading plug for bellhousing like on D2?

Don't know about engine electrics, vaseline maybe?😅
If it all went wrong we could provide communciations for the user services if we are asked to assist, but i expect should the need arise the seats are still fitted to move people from A-B. Helped in the 2007 flood as it was a bit of a mess down here.

I thought an additional seal running around the edge of the doors but you can buy new ones. Just wasnt sure how good they would be. As land rover door gaps are not tightly fitting.

For the Bell housing I've not got them fitted but these were what i could fit before going in the water:

For the electrics I was thinking replacing the connectors and wire as someone has been in before me and its a bit of a dogs dinner. The headlight wiring is no better than the picture of the spotlights. Yes a bit of vaseline might help and keep the water out.