Fitting station wagon windows to 109 panel van

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Hi, wonder if anyone can help. l’m in the process of building a series 2 109 overlander and looking to fit a pair of sliding windows to my panel van sides. Ideally I’m hoping to fit the original station wagon style (I’ve found a pair on eBay) and figured it might be possible to strip them and cut the aperture in the panel sides. Does anyone know if that is possible? Looking at photos of the station wagon windows looks like the window aperture has a rolled edge which I guess would be tricky to fabricate. Any ideas? I’m trying to keep my Landy as original looking as possible so don’t want to fit the defender windows.

Not done sliding windows but put plain glass in my series 3 109, cant see it being a problem and may even be better because your frames will be stiffer than just rubber strip holding in glass.
One option, a bit brutal, mind, is to cut the windows out of the donor panels, with a good, wide, excess around them. And cut the exact hole in the panel, removing the stiffener on the panel. Then use a high quality two part panel adhesive to glue the donor panel in from the back.

There'd be a tiny ridge before the roll in the donor panel, but no big deal.