Freelander 1 Drivetrain knock when turning

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We changed both front wheel bearings & driveshafts including CV joints recently on Son's 2004 FL1. All seemed good, but it still has a knocking noise on sharp corners. The VCU seems ok and not siezed (or wasn't a month ago).

Wondering if the knocking could be the IRD failing ? What's the best way to check this ? I'm thinking of taking propshafts & VCU off for a few days to see if this makes any difference ?

BTW all tyres are matching & replaced late last year.
Nope. Should have metioned drop links, track rod ends & lower balljoints also all done recently.

The noise sounds exactly like a failing CV, but there's no play.
Output bearing on gearbox or IRD. Depending on side. Hard to tell where noise is. It could be the prop CV joint as when on full lock maximum stress. This resonates down the prop and is hard to tell where it is coming from.
Drop the front prop off would eliminate obvs.