Discovery 03 no ignition lights and won’t turn on to start

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Gary McC

New Member
I have a discovery 3 09reg.
I came to it this morning, and when I turned the ignition, there was no lights on it, but all I heard was clicking as if the doors were opening and locking. I have tried charging the battery jumpstarting it to no avail.

All the lights and indicators are working, but the heater, the blower et cetera are not working, and as I said there is no lights or anything on the dashboard. Can anybody give me help and advice please thank you
Sounds like there may be a problem with the ignition relay in the battery junction box or the supply to or from it. The battery is likely OK if you're getting all the accessories working - can you turn on the audio system? Does it give you any shutdown messages?
If there's no dash lights and some of the ign switched circuits are not active but (presumably) the car locks / unlocks and lights are working, then there's power from the battery to the BJB, the Mega-fuse is starter only. It's very unlikely the earth straps to the engine will prevent the IPK from waking up. It could of course be water ingress to the CJB but that tends to make stuff come on unintentionally at random.

Has there been any work undertaken recently? specifically the heater controls removed or unplugged? HS-CAN loops through it and this could equally well be the cause of disruption.