Disco 1

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Hi S, its currently at a garage (I don't have one) where it's secured until its fixed, when I've got some dosh, that is. Solenoid has been checked, it seems firm, i.e. no loose or wobbly bits or broken solder. I'm thinking maybe somehow bypass the immobiliser system? since this is where it has failed - the internal bits in the fuel injection have been examined
You can take the solenoid out, remove the internal core and put it all back and if that is all there is to the immobiliser it should start.
The only problem is that, being auto, you can't stall it to stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is an answer as to how to do that but for the moment it escapes me. It probably involves a valve to cut off the fuel supply as we used to do in the old days. As a farmer friend of mine used to say, when he wanted me to stop the engine on his old tractor, "pull its cock and make it stop!" 🤣 🤣
The stop solenoid isn't really needed, you could remove the innards to eliminate it. Easier to check for diesel flow into the pump by loosing off the union assuming the engine turn over on the starter? Have you checked if any diesel getting to the injectors.
I had trouble with an Edc pump, no one seems to understand them and a specialist told me he couldn't do anything on the immobiliser built into it. I sold mine for spares. If the engine doesn't crank then that's another issue.
Hi guys and gals.

N-reg Disco 1.
In a slight (big) quandary. I'm trying to source either a 2nd hand (good working) Disco 1 fuel injection pump (the immobiliser system that is built-in my landy has failed). Or a 2nd hand (good working) older mechanical fuel injection pump. Do any of you have this "very rare" item?
And if so, what's the going rate for one?
So how do you know the engine is immobilised? is the engine check light illuminate, I don't do diesel but the issue has been mentioned in the past, more than a few times, so a starter, below are a couple links there are more via (Google) which appear to me to be more informative with D1 diesel EDC system and its electronic-mechanical relationship, plus a diagnostic kit maybe required.

Unfortunately there are D1 owners that get confused between the three immobiliser systems that were fitted over the years.

Would you like to expand on how easy they are to repair? I've been on this forum a few years now and never found anything.
If they were easy then there would be a few reasonable prices reverb units on the market.
Its a shame that as its the hart of EDC system for the auto D1 diesel it hasn't been done.

Perhaps its another floored LR system fitted to their vehicles as they all seem to have at least one.
Yep, he's full of hot air. I've questioned him previously, Facebook perhaps, when he'd posted about how easy the Edc pumps were to repair.
I get the feeling he is BoB's Minime.
He has exactly the same "I know it all and there is no other way of doing it" attitude.