Defender Td5 Gearbox Mounts

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D90 Td5

Hi everyone,

My Defender 90 Td5 is in need of some new gearbox/transfer box mounts (KQB500550 and KQB500560) as I have noticed one of them is split and there are excessive vibrations above roughly 2500rpm. I've just fitted new, genuine engine mounts as the old ones were well past their best, which has reduced the vibrations somewhat. I went for genuine engine mounts after reading on various forums that aftermarket are no good.

I was therefore wondering if anyone has found it to be the same for gearbox mounts, or if aftermarket have been okay for them? I have heard from one person that the Allmakes4x4 mounts are okay, but it would be nice to get some more opinions on this.

If there are vibrations at a specific speed, don't forget the propshaft joints. I can tell when mine need doing because I get vibration at about 50 mph, for example.
All be it I run an lt77 gearbox I use britpart oem with no issues (they now seem to be the oem manufacture for nearly everything!). depending on the mileage you do you might not find that the the quality difference makes any difference as time is the leading factor rather than usage. Also it is a quick and easy enough job to do that even if you have to do it a couple of years earlier than the genuine the saving made balances it out.