Defender TD5 2003 idle problems!

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Hello, I’m trying to help my mate out with his poorly defender. If anyone could help us out please that would be amazing! :) (he wrote the below)

“I have a 2003 defender TD5 15p engine, I was driving on the dual carriage way and I heard a noise, the engine started limping and lots of white smoke began emitting from the exhaust, I checked and the turbine in the turbo and it was seized, I’ve replaced the turbo, and oil and filters now. However I have just started it and the engine will start okay, then rough idle, then run okay and will keep switching between rough and fine with a lot of white smoke from the exhaust. I’m pretty new to all of this so would anybody be able to help me? Thank you”

There is oil in the pipe elbow from the turbo to intercooler and a bit of oil in the exhaust. We switched the car off after a minute of running idle as it was smoking quite a bit and didn’t want to annoy the neighbours! Does it need to run for longer? Or is there an issue with oil where it shouldn’t be?

Thanks very much in advance


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