Defender 90 Puma fuel issue. Engine stalled and not starting

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Hi i are working on a 2012 Defender 90 PuMa with the 2.4 litre fuel injected engine

The engine was running just fine until 5 daya ago. I had changed fuel filter on the vehicle after which it was driving fine for a short while until it started randomly sputter or felt like missing on acceleration or high speed. I assumed it might be something in the fuel that will clear out on it’s own but got worse to the potent that the engine would suddenly just choke up and not go beyond 2000 rpm with the Pedal fully depressed. After this it got worse to the point that the vehicle just shut down while driving at low speed and refused to start almost feeling like it had run out of fuel whereas it still bad quarter tank.

So far I have opened up the tank , cleaned the lines thoroughly , taken out air from the lines checked all the connectors to the fuel pump but to no avail. When I try to crank it the fuel just doesn’t reach the engine from the main line.
I have even connected the diagnostics computer via the OBD2 and it shows no errors.

I am not sure if the pump , the lines , air , electrical or if it’s something else.

Can someone who has experienced a similar problem shes some light on what to look for.

MAQ 1974