Defender 90 (2021) from UK stolen in Dubai

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Hi All,

My Defender 90 (2021) from UK origin + specs got stolen in Dubai. I have already registered a case with Dubai police and through CCTV they saw it being driven to neighboring Emirate of Sharjah but due to lack of CCTVs in Sharjah, they can't locate where it is now. They have hit a dead-end! Does anyone know of a way to locate it i.e. GPS etc.?

I also reached out directly to LandRover UK's customer service who are currently checking to see if there are any In Control subscriptions that could help.

My case officer from Dubai police told me that they recently found a Porsche after the owner got advice on how to locate it from an online Porsche forum, so I thought I might as well try doing the same as you never know if someone's solution may work.

Wish I had put an apple geo tag to it!
1. contact the GPS manufacturer/supplier and they should be able to work with the Dubai Police
2. do thieves still have their hands cut off in Dubai...? :)