criminals sentenced

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Well it's good news that someone has been caught. l'm fed up with seeing the lists of stolen Land Rovers on Landywatch and nobody arrested
The web link has disappeared - the web site was re-vamped last week and all earlier news was lost. The article - from what I remember - a criminal gang had been operating several chop shops in Scunthorpe. Taking BMW's and other high value cars, and land rovers, from all over the country. I think 9 of the gang got jailed.
I cannot help but notice that the names Smith, Jones & Robertson do not appear among any of the names of the perps.
How very un-British. Maybe they came here in Rubber Boats? :D

With those names, it seems possible they are Eastern European and hardly likely that they were refugees who made a channel crossing. Are you a Daily Mail reader?
Yes, Eastern Europeans but they make up less than 18%.
Whoever they are I am glad these people have been caught and put away.
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