Cheap F1 comes to life

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Slowly bringing my 2005 V6 F1 back to its original glory. New Munroe front gas shocks have transformed this lumpy rolly jelly mould back to something like how it should behave. Can't justify Munroe rear shocks ($800+) so I'm waiting with baited breath for some Britpart Sports Tuned ones to arrive from LRDirect. Hint, the postage was almost as much as the parts, but still cheaper than BNT Apco and the other snake oil sellers.

So far have spent $1,300 on buying the 'damaged vehicle' from Turners and $1,000 on parts, WOF etc. Love the fact that State insurance think its worth $8,500........
Welcome to LZ and the Freelander forum.

You're the 2nd addition from the NZ join in the last couple of days. We're gradually getting enough people to have an LZ meet up :)

Good representation of Freelanders to. This is my L series towing my $700 + $280 Turners rip off fee, K Series parts car home!


LRDirect is my supplier of choice as well. Been good on with my deliveries, getting them here in a week with DHL and reasonably priced compared to the other suppliers. As you say, the local suppliers do themselves no favours with their pricing, although the local Landie parts supplier here in Chch has at least come some way towards being reasonable with service items. Even then, if I'm needing other bits, the service items will get lumped into a UK order.
A meet up would be good but nigh on impossible! I'm in Hawkes Bay, another Brit who has been here for 12 years with no desire to go back! Messed around with the front drivers door latch today, trying to change the door handle from an attempted break in. Thanks God for Rave....... Trying to find Type 25 Hex HeadFlat washer bolts here in NZ though is not a viable option..... Jimmy at Southern 4wd has found 2 for me today and has couriered them this arvo... Rear shocks tomorrow and a new tow bar wiring harness.
lol yeh, I think we'd have to all meet up on the Interislander ! Or ditch the Landies and meet up at a coffee shop at Auckland arrivals.

Had another good run of late with mine. Replaced all the back brakes back in Jan but haven't had to touch it since - well there's a couple of things I should have fixed but not big and haven't!

Will need a service in the next couple of weeks though with a tour round the "top of the South" in Jan/Feb.