Chassis Replacement Advice pls - UK based, Defender 90

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Evening all,

I'm trying to find someone/somewhere good and reliable to replace a chassis on a Defender 90. It's too big a job for me to do on my own - I don't have the space (or time - I don't think...) and don't have a large budget. No doubt like 100s of others here!

I'm based down near East Sussex / Kent, but could easily transport the Landy further a-field on a trailer for the right person...

Any names or ideas would be really appreciated.

My advice would be find someone not too far away for any snagging problems your bound to get after you get it back.
You will need quite a large budget if paying someone else.
Yep, I did mine on my drive last year. A complete strip down and rebuild, all by myself.
Looking around at the time, you could get it done for £1500 - £2000 by cheapies (plus the actual chassis cost), a good workshop bumped that up a huge amount. £10k is no problem - and even then its an "estimate" - once they take the lid off they will find more to do, rusty bits, broken bits, crap wiring etc etc etc.
Mine took me about 400 hours (spread over 3 months), and about £6k in bits
I’ll let you know if a few days. I’ve just bought a chassis and it will be ready this week :D. Can’t wait

My mates are swapping it for me but the place I bought the chassis from will also fit it. I think they said 2K but I wasn’t really listening. Chassis itself was just under 2k with another couple of hundred for extra bits. Delivery was a week but they said it would be 2 to 3 if they fit it.
Lol forgot the company and to mention they were recommended by people on here.

Graham Marshall is on Facebook he answers questions and gave me a discount.



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