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Simon Perks

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Switzerland East
Hail & Welcome.
So kicking off the Switzerland thread, please feel free to get in touch should you be traveling to or through
the east end of the land, so heading for Lake Kontanz (the Boden See) German or Austria.
Routes through here passing towards St Bernard.

Hi Simon, I'm Ed and my wife and I live in Beromunster (20 minutes north of Luzern). We are have a S2A 109 and a Disco 3. We are always happy to meet other Landy owners!

Hi Ed,
Welcome, the forum here is a great source of information and knowledge exchange, living in switzerland the Landrover owners scene is not so busy as it is back in the UK.
Greenlanes are out of the question here .. however if you would like to do some green lanes here maybe you would like to join us here:
Meet some other Landrover owners, get to do a bit of off road navigation, road books (woodland forestry commission routes) nothing too taxing but a fun day out.
I do this in my S3 and i'm sure your 2A would be fine but with the distances required to get to start point and knowing how loud it is in a series landy on the motorway
(My Son and I have decided to buy a Pilots intercom set from Ebay so we can at least have a conversation ;-)) Bring the disco ..

Oh and of course if you need help , mechanically with your vehicles, I have barn workshop and within the local network we have a really competent lady land rover mechanic who runs a
resto garage ...

Hi Simon, Thanks for the reply and the info about the event. Unfortunately we will be in France at that time.

You are right about the noise but I'm currently working on this problem. I have bought and rebuilt a Fairey overdrive and plan to install it soon.

If you are ever near Luzern please let me know.
An overdrive is also my wish list ;-) , I just made the conversion to an SU carb and the stage2 cylinder head is next for me before we tackle the West Alpine route next spring.
My mud and snow tires don't help the road noise of course and we tackled the cabin rattle using industrial soundproofing matts for generators, it's oli and petrol resistant, has a glued backing and
it's made of a rubber material that you can bend and form .. comes in 1m x 1.5 meter sheets for 19.-- each ..

Yup i'll let you know if we are passing
Have a happy Sunday

Oh yes it makes a big difference, we did the footwells and the transmission tunnel plus the seat box
I got it from here .... they do do heavier versions but 5kg per square meter worked for me ..
It also helped with keeping the warmth in and now combined with the heater finally working means winter use is no problem

I did the whole job with 3 pieces ..

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