Beeper refuses to shut up

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West Sussex
2003 discovery 2 td5 recently threw up a fault on the O/S front wheel so investigated brake pads down so replaced, cleared fault all good about two months on same fault, cleared fault all good but a few days later off it went again, had the wheel off and then found hub assembly loose so replaced with new hub bearing assembly with sensor, all went ok no faults showing but the beeper continues to sound after about half a mile it turns off and all is quiet until I stop at a junction then off goes the beeper again another half mile and it shuts up but as soon as I stop it begins to sound again, I can’t find anything wrong I plug my nanocom in and start engine go into slabs and the beeper shuts up but nothing showing in slabs search faults and with engine on and it throws up error 1 can’t communicate with ECU can anyone throw any light on this.
That might not be from the slabs... check if the HDC switch was not accidentally pushed
What a plonker I am you were spot on, I can’t beleive it HDC button had got pushed two weeks I have been over it under it, the only good thing that came out of it was I found a doddy wheel bearing that I replaced, so maybe in a starange run of fate it was meant to be. Thank you mate for your imput.