Any advice appreciated s3 109

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Hi all, this isn't an advert, just seeking advice, if this is in the wrong place or frowned upon please move or remove it.

With the help of my uncle, been getting my s3109 d ready for touring/camping next year.

Had serious limitations to left wrist following motorbike crash 20 years, made a stupid mistake a few days ago that's completely buggered my left hand & wrist, unsure if it will ever be good enough to change gear & steer.

So gut wrenching as it is, I might have to sell her. She's the first series landy i've owned, so any advice on what to ask would be appreciated if I have to sell, as I don't have a clue.

She ain't perfect, was being prepped to use as daily driver, bodywork's in fair condition.

Work that has been done
Had new rear bearmach tank
New rear crossmember & all outriggers
Complete new braking system apart from servo
Chassis welded & secure
new front complete suspension, new rear shocks, all rubber bearings new
electrics overhauled
new modern plugs & leads
nearly new tyres & clean steel rims all round
new footwells.
Not an easy route to go but what about an automatic gearbox and power steering? Bit of a massive leap here but anyway. Has this ever been done? I suppose would need a 200/300 Tdi conversion as well. Could keep the old girl then and be better to live with on the touring and camping trips. I'm being a hypocrite mind you as I make my life difficult at times to keep things original. Just an idea.
Thanks, but would prefer not to add photos at the moment, was just looking for a rough estimate.
No such thing. It is a used item, there is no fixed price. At the end of the day, it is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it and what you are willing to accept.

You can pluck a figure out of the air, base it on what you paid for the vehicle, how much you've spent on it. Or do a Google and look at what else is for sale. For the latter you are just as capable as doing this as anyone else.
Thanks "lincolnsteve" for the suggestion about adapting my series, Pretty much broke from the resto' as thought reliability as a daily driver was most important, thought I was doing the right thing replacing with new bits rather than temporary repairs.
Next few months I should know how able I am, i'd prefer to keep my series 3, but talking to friends, maybe an early defender with auto box, power steering etc.

"300bhp/ton" was hoping for some input from members that have sold / bought series landy's as google/ebay prices vary so much, things are sh#t at the moment & SARCASTIC COMMENTS DON'T HELP !!!
Can't help with value i'm afraid. One thing I do know prices still seem to be on the up. My only reference is ebay and facebook groups where I see them advertised and even disastrous looking ones are up for 2 to 3 grand. Glad I got mine when I did. Couldn't afford even the biggest basket case now. I think maybe long wheelbase don't get quite the money 88's do. The long ones don't fit in regular home garages very well.
How about this one as a bench mark to start from. See where it is better or worse than yours and work something out from there. Of course what it's listed at and what it actually sells for could be very different.
yep, thanks, sounds sensible.
bit more original/ straighter than mine :), prices vary sooooo much, & your right, some asking prices are nuts.