Alarm activated

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New owner here getting to grips with the beast!

My partner locked the car using their key fob, when I went back to open the car the alarm went off, mad screeching and flashing. I opened the drivers’ door to turn on the engine but this didn’t stop the alarm. The display said something like ‘smart key activated’ or ‘smart key DEactivated’ I was in too much of a panic to take in which one, unfortunately. It said to push a button underneath the steering wheel but I couldn’t find it. Car wouldn’t start or stop the alarm when pressing brake and pressing engine on.

It only stopped when I switched seats with my partner and his key fob was used to turn the engine off. Why didn’t mine work?

I wondered if one key fob locks the car, does it not allow the other key to open it?
I very much doubt you will get helped with sorting out security failures here.

Go to the land rover dealers...