Advice about Series please.

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I don't yet own a Landy but have been looking for a while. I want a Series 3 ideally but would value some advice from people who have one. Initially I was going to get one as a classic investment and keep it in the garage overnight until I measured the garage and realised it would be too small. I have always wanted a Series rag top so thought that unless it was in the garage it would gradually deteriorate if kept outside, rust/canvas etc. My question is this: is keeping a 70s Series on the drive to use to get to work occasionally (I cycle most days) and weekend trips a mad idea? Firstly there's the rust issue. Would anyone keep a breathable cover on it to help this issue? Secondly the theft issue. I don't mind if it looks a bit dented and worn, if anything it'll put a thief off. Do Series get targeted in the same way as a Defender? We live on a 70s housing estate in Dorset. I would fit a hidden battery isolator switch and a decent steering wheel lock. Leading to my 3rd question... I'd have it as a hard top in winter (less leaky) but convert it with an Exmoor kit in the summer to a rag top. Does anyone else keep a rag top outside in the summer? I know each Landy will be different but are they generally reliable enough to be used 3-4 times per week? Thanks very much for your advice. Cheers.
I keep my series 3 outside cos it wont fit in my garage either but mine isnt a rag top. I would think the canvas will deteriorate quickly in winter, a few days of bad weather should be ok if its fitted properly. They arent as nickable as defenders but they do get stolen. I park my other car behind mine to act as a barrier and I take the steering wheel out of it if Im not going to use it for a while, also have a battery isolator. Whether it can be used a few times a week depends on how good it is and how many miles you clock up. In decent weather, I often use mine every day but I dont go far cos they are bloody awful on fuel economy. They do work better if they are used regularly.

I'd second everything @Colthebrummie says. Obviously nicer to keep it indoors as I do with mine most of the time. The hard top won't exactly keep all, the water out because it still gets in around the doors and other gaps but it's better than the soft top. As far as that's concerned, avoid parking under trees (bird poo and falling leaves) and in as bright and breezy a place as possible to stop the green growth.
In addition to the above, they can be kept outside but will suffer over time. Mine's an early Ninety soft top that I keep in a 6.5mx3.5m HD tent that's totally bone dry. So if you have the room buy a tent to store the Series3. Re' the garage, is it just the height that's the restricting factor? If so, you could change the garage door and lintel/steel to raise height by 3-4" to fit. If length, is it possible to extend garage a little, may be add a workshop to garage rear at the same time?

If neither do-able suggest move house to accommodate your new P&J :)
We have had a number of series tratters listed as stolen on ere. No real security so easily taken.