ABS module communication error

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Hi, Back again, in the middle of all the other issues we now have a abs fault. Light came on, but there were no fault codes.
Pulled up the live data from all 4 sensors, set away down the road got equal readings from all 4 then we lost communication with the module.
Reset the diagnostics and tried reading throttle position(abs module) and again lost communications. we did hit a large puddle (lake) of water at about 20mph when the abs light came on originally, I thought we would just have a abs sensor fault due to water but cant understand the communication error with the module. I also get a communication error when trying to read the data through the air suspension module.
Hi, Discovery 2 td5 auto (2004) using Lynx software. Apparently after driving through the puddle all was ok till we got home, all the lights on the instrument panel came on the second the drivers seat belt was released. (engine still running) the abs light stayed on after a ignition cycle, so slightly different to the way I described it before. I have removed the glove box and can see no signs of water ingress around the computers or the cable harness, carpets are also dry.
OK, if only the ABS light stays on alone without the TC and HDC(as 3 amigos) but these two are coming on then out after ignition while the ABS light doesnt go out after the vehicle exceeds 9 mph also if the communication is lost while the vehicle is stationary not while moving then the SLABS ECU is very suspect, quite common failure so you should rule it out before chasing more complicated wiring issues
Hi, Yes the abs light went out after a short run. At the moment all lights are out and everything appears normal. When we connect the diagnostics to the abs module a communication is established and module info is reported (serial No. Etc.) Its only when we start live data and start receiving data when the data link is severed. We are driving along the road when this happens. Lynx Diagnostic module has past its self test and I have used a different laptop.
Th diagnostic comms are interrupted by the ECU when the vehcile exceeds a certain speed so if it happenned just then there's no problem and maybe it was just a shsort glitch with the ABS light if everything is back to normal again.
Hi, I understand but I need to establish communication for any future faults which I no doubt will be many:rolleyes: If this fault could be slabs related. Would any water entering the rear suspension airbag compressor box cause it.
Would any water entering the rear suspension airbag compressor box cause it.
Not at all...i say again, if you dont have comms with the SLABS ECU with vehicle stationary but you have with all the other ECUs/BCU replace the ECU, if the comms are interrupted only while the vehicle is moving that'snormal.... i dont know how to make it clearer