300tdi Bosch injector pump head scratcher

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I have (an ex british gas) '95 defender 110 300tdi. Was running fine, starting at the slightest turn of the key, generally happy days :).

Then I noticed a small amount of fuel leaking from around the throttle shaft - so, with me being happy around a spanner or two I thought straight forward job - remove the top cover of the pump, replace throttle shaft and bushing and refit, no worries. Not touch timing or anything other than the idle minimum stop bolt (removed to access the 4th bolt on the pump cover).

Since then I cannot get the beast to start.

The pump charges with fuel, but nothing is getting to the injectors.

I have checked the voltage to the pressure head kill switch and that seems fine.

To be honest, I cannot hear any clicking from the kill switch solenoid on activation, so potentially that could be the problem, it is just coincidence that it failed when I took the cover off. But cynical old me thinks that may be a bit of a stretch...

So the question is: any ideas what stupid thing I might have forgotten to do or am missing? As the title suggests I am standing here scratching my head now...

I am going to verify the operation of the kill switch and my next option after that is to strip down and overhaul the pump (at least I can do that indoors :) ) but I really would welcome any other suggestions regardless of how obvious they seem to you?

cheers in advance

I'd be tempted to run a separate 12V to the cutoff solenoid and then see if it starts (or at oleast pressurises the injector lines).
Obviously you'd need to remove the 12V to make it stop.
Thank you, I will give that a try. On closer inspection both the connector and tab on the solenoid are very dirty and, surprise surprise, contaminated with oil... so they are getting a good clean up today as well. Fingers crossed :)